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The Land Cruiser Series has evolved from its serious jeep-type 4×4 roots into a luxury sport vehicle. Well it is considered an upscale luxury sport utility rather than a rough and tough 4×4; Toyota manages to absorb its incredible off road durability, while making this model the most highways friendly Land Cruiser, the V8, ought to tower over the rest. Powered by a cruelly strong V8 D-4D common rail diesel motor, the Land Cruiser is given the price it deserves. In addition, looking out at the latest looks that feature elegance, and over bulk, this full size SUV will definitely run out fast in the eyes of market of buyers. Its luxurious interior can adequately seat seven persons with a wide range of affability to make everyone have a delight journey. Moreover, it excels on-road through a double wishbone IFS front suspension, rack and pinion steering and custom auto parts that make the Land Cruiser feel like a more passenger car than its heavy–duty predecessors. Improving comfort and steering ability further, this car consider the hydraulic vehicle height adjustment and dynamic suspension control. Whether you want to travel on-road or off-road, The Land Cruiser will go along the track.


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HOW ABOUT A KOREAN AUTOMAKER that caters to budget-minded consumers? In fact, the company’s vehicles are priced below competing models and typically represent a good value when taking into consideration their high feature content. Such is the case with the Carens from Kia Motors as it combines the essential qualities of a sedan with the space and practicality of a mini MPV. Like most Hyundai/Kia CRDis, the Carens is smooth, more like a gasoline-powered car parts vehicle than the breathless diesels in some of the competition. While most people may look at the Carens as a compact minivan; Korean automaker Kia thinks that it is as a crossover utility vehicle. No matter how you may want to view or classify it; what it does though is offer much of the flexibility and passenger-hauling abilities of a larger minivan in a not-so-mini size. Powered by today’s modern Common-Rail Diesel technology, the all new Carens does all of the above and more. The CRDi engine provides enough power, but as is the case with most diesel, this delivers a lots of torque at 225 foot pounds; that’s enough pulling power for the compact MPV with 7 bodies inside. The interior is well designed and thought out, with plastics that have a quality feel about them and a black dash on beige interior as color combinations. It’s surprisingly spacious considering its size as the Carens features 7 seats; enough for the average family and with some luggage space left over or more should the rear seats are folded down.

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